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2022-09-17 11:46:15 By : Mr. Sky Zhang

ITV is adapting one of the North East's most infamous cases into a true-crime drama and filming is currently taking place in Yorkshire

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These behind the scenes images give a glimpse of the new ITV drama based on the notorious manhunt of Raoul Moat.

Filming has already started on The Hunt for Raoul Moat, which stars Matt Stokoe as the infamous gunman. The programme will tell the story of Moat's shooting spree and his attempt to evade capture, which resulted in him taking his own life in 2010.

In the images, Stokoe is dressed all in black and wearing a baseball cap as he holds a replica sawn off shotgun. During the gripping scenes, which were filmed in Yorkshire on Thursday, he mimics the killer's intense stand-off with armed police.

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The snaps also show Lee Ingleby, who has starred in Line of Duty and Inspector George Gently, taking on the role of senior Northumbria police officer Neil Adamson. Those playing armed officers can be seen crouching down behind a police car during the dramatic scenes.

Just days after being released from prison, Moat shot his ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart and killed her boyfriend Chris Brown. He went on to shoot police officer David Rathband as he sat in his patrol vehicle on the outskirts of Newcastle. PC Rathband was left blind and later went on to take his own life.

The murderer went on the run for days before being tracked down by officers in Rothbury, Northumberland. A six-hour stand-off took place on the riverside in which Paul Gasgoigne turned up with a fishing rod and a cooked chicken. The stand-off came to an end when Moat shot himself. He was rushed to hospital but died of his injuries.

ITV has now yet confirmed when the drama will air on TV.

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