30+ Best Chicken Coop Kits for Sale - Large Backyard Chicken Coops

2022-08-12 10:06:14 By : Mr. Nicolr Cai

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Are you looking to start raising chickens or add to your brood? Well, you've come to the right place. Whether you're planning for a whole flock or just a few, we think you'll find more than enough helpful information from our Country Living editors to guide you in the right direction.

First off, select the breed you'd like to raise (yes, chickens have breeds!). Next, you'll want to secure your flock a coop. The ideal coop should provide your brood protection from the elements and intruders as well as give them a spot to nest.

Determine the size of your brood first to help guide your search for the perfect coop. The smallest of coops will usually hold just 2 chickens. Average-sized coops may hold 4-6, while large and extra-large backyard coops can hold up to 12 chickens. You'll also want to consider how much room you have for a coop in your yard. If you're low on space, consider an off-ground coop so your chickens have room to wander below it.

Finally, think about any specific style you might want for your coop. Do you want it to match your home or give it a totally unique look? There are plenty of different styles here, so we're sure you'll find one you and your brood love. Now, time to get to raising some chickens!

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Worried about animals that aren't yours inhabiting your chicken's new home? This is your coop: Made with reinforced, galvanized mesh, it's both fox- and coyote-proof.

We couldn't love the blue hue of this coop anymore than we do! We're also big fans of the barn-style of the house and your brood will love the large run with spots to perch.

This stylish chicken coop isn't just practical, it's pretty, too. Barn-style doors, green shingled roof, and a turret along the roofline add a bit of beauty to this little coop, while the elevated main house leaves plenty of room for your chickens to run about below.

A simple wooden coop comes highly recommended with hundreds of glowing reviews, plus a metal locking system to make sure your chickens stay safe and secure. Rain-resistant fir wood means it's also incredibly durable. "For the price, you really can't beat it," reads one review.

This beautiful hand-built cedar coop will become a showpiece in your yard. It can house four to six hens, and the small fold-down door provides easy access for egg collection.

Get one of these coops for 2-3 chickens, or purchase two and join the runs to create a massive coop for up to 6 chickens. The wheels make this version portable and the asphalt roofing is ultra-durable.

This Gambrel barn-style coop has four nesting boxes and will make a happy home for up to eight hens. It has a 61'' H x 34'' W door for easy access.

This is the coop for a serious chicken owner! The 100-square-foot coop can house up to 25 chickens. It features six nesting boxes, a full-size door, and storage for supplies.

The unfinished wood of this chicken coop allows you to customize it to whatever style you want. Paint it to match your home or give it a totally unique look!

The heavy-duty wheels added to the side of this coop make it easily portable so you can move your chicks around the yard if you ever need to. It has two large nesting boxes with a hinged roof for easy egg access. The UV resistant clear top and chicken wire window make it perfect for hotter climates.

A Noah's Ark-inspired run accentuates this delightful coop nicely, providing both visual interest and ample exercise space for your chickens. We love that the door is big enough for humans to easily get in and out too.

This charming coop (reminiscent of a traditional red barn) houses up to four chickens with a fold-down entrance ramp and a secure yard.

It just doesn't get much cooler than this coop! Shaped as a traditional barn, it has an elevated house with not one but two nesting hutches.

We're not sure we've ever seen a coop this beautiful. White trim and a green shingle roof pair beautifully with the planter on the side. It includes spots for your girls to nest and is elevated so they can walk beneath it. Note that it only allows room for 2 chickens, though.

Here's a versatile coop that can hold rabbits or chickens. The raised perch keeps animals safe and dry, even on the rainiest days.

This coop really does have it all: a nesting hutch with two stalls, a door to the main house, an elevated house with room beneath for grazing and a ramp to access the house, and a high-ceiling run. Oh, and it fits 4 chickens!

Have you ever seen a cottage-style coop? You have now! This sweet yellow coop includes a run and ramp along with a pull-out tray for cleaning and a latch door on the side.

We love the stylish green and white color palette of this coop. Paired with the accessibility the nesting hutch and a window to let in a cool breeze, this is a coop both you and the chickens are sure to love.

We can't get over how cool the shape of this coop is. It contains a nesting hutch on the side for your girls and a gorgeous roof line that you'll appreciate. You will need to construct your own run, though.

If you're not sure of the exact shape you want, then you'll appreciate the customizable nature of this coop. It allows owners to move the run as they please to create a variety of shapes depending on their needs.

Fan of the modern farmhouse style? This gorgeous coop will fit right in with your aesthetic!

Planning to build your own run for your chickens? Then consider this coop that just comes with a stand-alone house. It includes a large nesting hutch as well as a door with ramp and two windows.

We can't get over how cute the little picket fence is on this contemporary-style coop. Use the roof to plant a few pretty flowers.

This affordable coop allows you to house more chickens than you'd be able to with a standard coop. And just look at the size of that run. The more, the merrier!

A stately, farmhouse-style chicken coop, this one comes with everything you and your chickens will need: a pull-out tray for easy cleaning, a nesting box, and a ramp.

This is the coop for larger flocks! Two enclosed houses and an extra-wide fenced area ensure that your chickens have plenty of room to live and roam. A double nesting box with a hinged top makes egg collection easy, two ramps allow for quick access, and screened windows will give your chickens proper and consistent ventilation.

It's no surprise that people love the SnapLock chicken coop. You don't need tools to put it together—just "snap" together the pieces. Talk about an easy way to get your chickens a home as quickly as possible! A removable litter tray and easy access for egg collection add to the appeal.

Green paint makes this wooden chicken coop stand out from the pack. But that's not the only reason we love it: A large outdoor run and removable droppings tray add to the appeal.

This incredibly well-reviewed chicken coop (available in red or grey) is made of rain-resistant fir wood, meaning it's durable enough to last you a long time. It can fit 3-4 grown chickens and comes with a 1-year warranty.